Embedded Android Overview

Amazingly smooth presentation under time pressure from Karim Yaghmour, giving a super fast overview of the content in his Embedded Android book.

I’ve been deep in Android source code these past few weeks - I just moved from an Ops role to Embedded Developer - I’ve never read or written so much C code in my life - it’s awesome!

AWS VPC best practises

Super detailed and practical VPC design best practises - very cool stuff..

Urban Giants

Beautifully shot, mind blowing short documentary about New York’s early telecoms buildings, the Western Union Building and the AT&T Long Lines Building ..

Found via BldBlog site

Eric Brewer on Container usage at Google

Eric Brewer’s keynote from Dockercon14 -

Crazy stuff, definitely feels like Containers have gained mass momentum, and we’re about to undergo a major shift in Systems Architecture. Very exciting times!

Solomon Hykes, Dockercon14

Solomon Hykes, creator of Docker, speaking at Dockercon - paints a nicely detailed overview of all the new Docker ecosystem libraries released recently - Libcontainer, Libchan, and Libswarm - basically all middle layer abstractions which seem to have buy across all the main platforms and providers. He starts talking about 10mins in..