san francisco

Lunchbox Jams!

Me and Michael will be DJing at Laughing Monk brewing for a wee end of Beer Week celebration. Afternoon jams!

B0ardfest 2022!

Hey hey!

Putting on another backyard art show, with several bands and a new issue of the zine rready!

10th September 2022 - 43rd and Moraga, OB415.

Resident Electronic, SF

I took part in the monthly Resident Electronic sessions last week, was super fun!

Here’s my set from it:

Wildfire Skies

The sky above the port was the color of …

Wed, September 9, 2020, San Francisco.

The sky above the Bay Area was filled with orange ash and smoke which came from the Bear Fire burning near Oroville, 150 miles northeast of San Francisco.

Music by TVO - “Sketch 3 - Hydroacoustics” from

videos from Algorithmic Art Assembly

Oh, should have posted this a while back!

All videos from the Algorithmic Art Assembly conference/festival I ran in March, are now online –

Friday Day

Friday Night

Saturday Day

Saturday Night

SF - Streets by VICE

Pretty decent wee documentary on the changing face of SF from VICE mag. Near the beginning a lot of the location shots don’t match the narrative, but the interview with Andre Nickatina makes it totally worthwhile!