Sideb0ard - Archiv23

Bandcamp dump of a few late night jams recorded with my live coding environment Soundb0ard

Pure Rave - techniques for turntables.

Picked up this new release on the wonderful Fractal Meats label yesterday:

Became quite fascinated with the whole Manifesto!

While searching for details on how I could implement some of these glitches, I found this perfect video by someone from the collective - super cool!

Lunchbox Jams!

Me and Michael will be DJing at Laughing Monk brewing for a wee end of Beer Week celebration. Afternoon jams!


Hey lovelies!

We’re hosting another awesome weekend of live music and art in our Backyard space next weekend, June 19th/20th.

We have an amazing body of work by Entropy, a good friend of ours, and local Sunset artist.

On saturday, we’ll have a live opera performance and talk by CĂ©line Ricci. She is the Founder /Executive Artistic Director from Ars Minerva, and live music from Murder Murder

Sunday we’ll have live music by Lunchbox!

Kei Terauchi - Outer Sunset Mix 2021

Recordings from Kei Terauchi to accompany her piece ‘What Makes The World Go Around - Outer Sunset Mix 2021’ in The B0ardside zine issue #2.

Sound of the Stravinsky Sample

This is an absolutely fascinating history of a Stravinsky sample which was included with the first Fairlight Synthesizers - so many songs where this appears!

(I found the video via this Landr blog post)

Further_in live stream

This was my live set from Further_in a few weeks back - Had a list minute thought to stick on my Thor costume!

Sheffield Algorave 2018

Just got back from the very awesome Livecode Festival #2 in Sheffield UK, a gathering of like minded music programmers and algorithmic artists - super inspiring!

Here’s a screencast i captured of my set for the Algorave:

TidalCycles Tutorials

Alex McLean’s TidalCycles has been a big influence on my own Soundb0ard, and lately, now that my instruments are mostly built, I’ve been looking for ways to algorithmically modify them more.

This series of howto’s by Mike Hodnick/Kindohm have been an amazing source of inspiration - super clear and very entertaining - here’s the first episode:

Guardian piece on Algorave

Nice piece from the Guardian showcasing the Algorave scene in Sheffield.
Big up Alex McLean!

Palmbomen II - Memories of Cindy

Have you been watching season 3 of Twin Peaks? so fscking good!

This is kinda up there –

Memories Of Cindy Pt. 1

Memories Of Cindy Pt. 2

Looking forward to receiving the second volume in the mail.

Grab a copy

Plainview Public Access

This is a crazy awesome animation by Anthony Lombardo and John Chrostek –

It is one-o-clock in the morning. You’ve had a long and tiresome day, and despite your best intentions, dozed off far before you meant to.

Asleep in the embrace of your old blue La-Z-Boy, you feel a flicker like a breeze full of static at room temperature. You awaken.

The television is still on.

Your eyes adjust. The feel of the room has changed. The space between the furniture grows wider, the hallway light seems a valley away. You are alone with the night.

The sharp hiss of static pulls you back. In your peripheral vision, what light remains dims and flickers as if bathing in the glow of the transmission. From some familiar depths, a song begins to play…

I came across it via my friend Mat, who recorded a segment of the opening music.

B0ardcast 28

Here’s this week’s B0ardcast, broadcast on every friday.

The B0ardcast Episode 28 by Sideb0ard on Mixcloud


Dhobi Fats - She Wants A Daisy
Betty And The Werewolves - Should I go to Glasgow?
Orange Juice - Poor Old Soul (Part 1)
halfsour - target practice (henry’s dress cover)
Japanther - All We Got Is Each Other (Peanucle)
Kitten Crisis - Yer Hair
Braves - True Feelings
peach kelli pop - Bat Wing
Plantains - Wendy
SadGirl - Lie Awake
Dream Whip - Beach Dreams
Santa Fe - Summer
Dante Elephante - Heartbeat
Literature - Dance Shoes
The Ocean Party - Went Out
The Zebras - I Have Decided
Failed Flowers - When You Said I Love You
ice cream social - bagel
Knight School - Pizza My Coat
Wakes - GONZO
New Swears - Jon’s coke
Jabber - Maybe Next Year
Ladywolf - Die Tonight
No Age - Everybody’s Down
Attendant - Call Me Back
Pope - Gearbear
Super Soaked - I JUST WANNA DIE (fidlar cover)
Cool Mutants - Be Dumb
CHEAP WIG - Sleep Deprived
SPORTS - I Liked You Best
Gurr - Hey, my friend
Dog Legs - Things I’ll Never Be
Counter Culture - Feelin’ Fine
American Culture - Just Driving Around
Posse - 14 Days
Upset - Linus
Let’s Say We Did - Someday Somedays
Twig Palace - Where Land Meets Sky
Boomgates - Cartons and Cans
flout - Seagrams
Aunt Sis - Dr. Dahl
The BFGs - Fuss
Tullycraft - Leaders Of The New School
Milky Wimpshake - True Love/Youth
Mark Wynn - I’m Bob Ferris x3 (And You’re John Cale)
Aidan Moffat - The World Around Us

Tense Men - RNRFON

Love this new video for Tense Men -

It’s all shot around Stoke Newington in London, super close to Pat’s old house.

The B0ardcast Cometh

Woop! I just got confirmation on friday that I’ll have a regular weekly 2 hour radio starting this tuesday on - a recent new station out of here in San Francisco. Tune in - 2pm-4pm PST (10pm-Midnite UK) –

Oh yeah, Codetraxx

Oh yeah, that Codetraxx project I mentioned, which me and Tack have been working on - here’s a recording made using it. All samples included in the repo too..

Street Punk

Oh man, just found this Hunx album from 2013 - i had seen this following video for Bad Skin but forgot about the album when it came out - this video is so disgusting and totally my anthem!

The B0ardside Top 13 records 2013

Was hard to cut two out from this selection, so here’s my top 12 for the past year, as usual a bit of a mix between the rock n roll and the electronic noise..

The Pastels – Slow Summit

The Spook School – Dress Up

Radiator Hospital – Something Wild

Zomby – With Love

Wyatt Blair – Banana Cream Dream

Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind

Basic House – Oats

Patricia – Body Issues

Colour Me Wednesday – I Thought It Was Morning

Fear Of Men – Early Fragments

Anna Hillburg – s/t

Dalglish – Niaiw Ot Vile

oh! scratch that, make it 13 then! How could i forget ma wedding singer?! The Hive Dwellers – Hewn From The Wilderness

Record Store Bot

First draft of my Record Store Bot is live over on Github - basically tying a Chatbot::Eliza style interface to web services for an interactive (hopefully amusing) music recommendation bot.

Works surprisingly well - although only has one method at the moment..