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Phil Burk - Porting the Hierarchical Music Specification Language (HMSL) to JUCE

I was out in London for 10 days recently, where I attended the JUCE Audio Developers Conference. Some great talks! I particularly enjoyed this one by Phil Burk on HMSL - Hierarchical Music Specification Language - a language he was involved in designing a Mill College, here in the Bay Area from the mid eighties till the early nineties. I’ve asked Phil to present a simlilar talk at Algorithmic Art Assembly 2020, which he’s agreed to!

Oboe - low latency Android Audio

I’ve started building a toy Granular Synth for Android, using this Oboe library.

This video is a great introduction to it..

videos from Algorithmic Art Assembly

Oh, should have posted this a while back!

All videos from the Algorithmic Art Assembly conference/festival I ran in March, are now online –

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Friday Night

Saturday Day

Saturday Night

Soundb0ard in use at Algosix

I’ve had my head down doing a bunch of work on my Soundb0ard software, in prep for playing at Algosix last weekend. The festival was awesome, so much great live music!

I was quite happy with my performance, give it a listen/view: