Runtime Scheduling, Strange Loop 2016

Super nice low level details of scheduling, from kernel scheduling to user space scheduling, with contrasting demo implementations in Go and Erlang..

Embedded Android Overview

Amazingly smooth presentation under time pressure from Karim Yaghmour, giving a super fast overview of the content in his Embedded Android book.

I’ve been deep in Android source code these past few weeks - I just moved from an Ops role to Embedded Developer - I’ve never read or written so much C code in my life - it’s awesome!

Solomon Hykes, Dockercon14

Solomon Hykes, creator of Docker, speaking at Dockercon - paints a nicely detailed overview of all the new Docker ecosystem libraries released recently - Libcontainer, Libchan, and Libswarm - basically all middle layer abstractions which seem to have buy across all the main platforms and providers. He starts talking about 10mins in..