Rob Pike, Go Concurrency Patterns

I thought I had seen this, but no, it’s just a similar theme to other talks by Rob Pike I’ve seen - this one is quite fun to code along too, its a super neat and compact concurrency app..

Rob Pike, GopherCon 2014 Keynote

Awesome, awesome talk from Rob Pike, the keynote for GopherCon 2014, some old Unix/C history and lots of details of Go development –

Go Presentation

More and more I’ve been dabbling with Go, which, mainly due to Hacker News, i’ve been reading so many good things about. The syntax is super easy to pick up, but the killer feature seems to be the concurrency primitives - the Go Functions and message passing Channels seem like a super tight, rock solid implementation of Hoare’s Communicating Sequential Processes. The following video is a really succinct walk through of building a concurent multi-protocol chat application ala Chat Roulette..