Phil Burk - Porting the Hierarchical Music Specification Language (HMSL) to JUCE

I was out in London for 10 days recently, where I attended the JUCE Audio Developers Conference. Some great talks! I particularly enjoyed this one by Phil Burk on HMSL - Hierarchical Music Specification Language - a language he was involved in designing a Mill College, here in the Bay Area from the mid eighties till the early nineties. I’ve asked Phil to present a simlilar talk at Algorithmic Art Assembly 2020, which he’s agreed to!

Oboe - low latency Android Audio

I’ve started building a toy Granular Synth for Android, using this Oboe library.

This video is a great introduction to it..


This is nuts, some guy wrote an awesome sound editor for the Commodore 64, Cubase64! Link comes via man like Tack

Android - High Performance Audio

I’m currently working on a Brillo audio component, which will require very low latency performance. While searching for some tips and prior art, I came across this talk from Google I/O 2013. A bit older now, but provides an excellent overview of the problem domain and approaches to solving those issues..

Perl and Portaudio

Super nice demo of algorithmic sound generation with Perl and Portaudio…

from here