Plainview Public Access

This is a crazy awesome animation by Anthony Lombardo and John Chrostek –

It is one-o-clock in the morning. You’ve had a long and tiresome day, and despite your best intentions, dozed off far before you meant to.

Asleep in the embrace of your old blue La-Z-Boy, you feel a flicker like a breeze full of static at room temperature. You awaken.

The television is still on.

Your eyes adjust. The feel of the room has changed. The space between the furniture grows wider, the hallway light seems a valley away. You are alone with the night.

The sharp hiss of static pulls you back. In your peripheral vision, what light remains dims and flickers as if bathing in the glow of the transmission. From some familiar depths, a song begins to play…

I came across it via my friend Mat, who recorded a segment of the opening music.