Sheffield Algorave 2018

Just got back from the very awesome Livecode Festival #2 in Sheffield UK, a gathering of like minded music programmers and algorithmic artists - super inspiring!

Here’s a screencast i captured of my set for the Algorave:

Soundb0ard in use at Algosix

I’ve had my head down doing a bunch of work on my Soundb0ard software, in prep for playing at Algosix last weekend. The festival was awesome, so much great live music!

I was quite happy with my performance, give it a listen/view:

TidalCycles Tutorials

Alex McLean’s TidalCycles has been a big influence on my own Soundb0ard, and lately, now that my instruments are mostly built, I’ve been looking for ways to algorithmically modify them more.

This series of howto’s by Mike Hodnick/Kindohm have been an amazing source of inspiration - super clear and very entertaining - here’s the first episode: