Sideb0ard - Archiv23

Bandcamp dump of a few late night jams recorded with my live coding environment Soundb0ard

Pure Rave - techniques for turntables.

Picked up this new release on the wonderful Fractal Meats label yesterday:

Became quite fascinated with the whole Manifesto!

While searching for details on how I could implement some of these glitches, I found this perfect video by someone from the collective - super cool!

Reactjs Doc

Saw this mentioned in the work chat space, I love little web history things like this!

Lunchbox Jams!

Me and Michael will be DJing at Laughing Monk brewing for a wee end of Beer Week celebration. Afternoon jams!

ILM Stagecraft 2.0

I think i first heard about Stagecraft at SIGGRAPH perhaps. So bloody amazing, love this!

B0ardfest 2022!

Hey hey!

Putting on another backyard art show, with several bands and a new issue of the zine rready!

10th September 2022 - 43rd and Moraga, OB415.