Wipeout 2097 - making of an iconic soundtrack

Found this vid via a recent JWZ blogpost - super good wee 30 min documentary about the sound design behind Wipeout 2097, a game that came out with the european release of the PlayStation in 1996, done by UK game design studio Psygnosis. And graphic design by Designers Republic! I didn’t know they had worked on games (they’re very well known in music circles for many Warp records covers) - Awesome!

The Coming Of The Microprocessor

I’ve digging into some retro computing archives recently, while working on Terminal Punk.

Found this awesome 6 part UK documentary from 1979 - very british, very quirky, slightly patronizing and sexist, and featuring the preserved brain of Charles Babbage!

The Internet History Podcast

I’ve been re-living the dream of the 90’s recently, by spending a lot of time listening to this excellent Internet History podcast -

The site has a full list of all episodes, which you can find on pretty much any podcast app. In particular I enjoyed the conversations with most of the early Netscape engineers, such as Lou Montulli, Chris Wilson, Jon Mittelhauser, Aleks Totic, plus the several episodes discussing the birth of Wired magazine, Suck.com and early online culture!

Some new musics


Here’s a few things I’ve had on rotation!

Torrey - Bounce

MJ Lenderman - You Have Bought Yourself A Boat

Nick Harley - Circus

Dancer - Chill Out


Super stoked for STOKEFEST!

We've been working with Surfrider Foundation and Great Highway Park to put together an upcoming event called Stokefest. Happening on the Great Highway, at Judah, on November 11th!

We'll have a table and and a new issue of B0ardside, issue 7!